A better way to make shifts

If you are doing schedules by hand, you spend too much time finding the right qualifications, matching people's preferences, and resolving issues.

Matches Qualifcations

With Plan My Shifts you can automatically create schedules where shift qualifications match the employees' qualifications.

Legal Compliance

With Plan My Shifts be sure to never break any employment contract or national law so you will never have issues with unions.

One among billions

Plan My Shifts generate around one billion schedules and picks the best. This way we find the one that makes everyone happy.

Corrections are instant

When someone gets sick or new work has to be done just press "Recalculate" and get a new schedule instantly.


Why did your colleague make the schedule in this particular way?
Most cases at the labour courts revolve around a lack of transparency in why the schedule looks in a particular way. In our system, there is an answer to every detail of every shift. You can see the settings and input that made a given schedule.
Are you understaffed or overstaffed?
With the complexity of your employees' different qualifications and their various leaves, it is very hard to say if you are overstaffed or understaffed. While the financial department claim labour costs are too high the shift managers say they lack people. Which one is it? Plan My Shifts will give you the answer.
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Get actionable data that will answer your questions

Will you need to hire today to schedule all your shifts in half a year? As employees leave your company or get transferred to other departments you can end up hiring instead of upskilling.

Upskilling You might not be needing to hire more employees if you have enough manpower. Plan My Shifts will tell you if you simply need to upskill any employee.

Hiring If you think you will need employees in 6 months from now just try to make a schedule starting 6 months from now. If there are any unstaffed shifts you will know that you are right.

Freelancers Do you use freelance but prefer using your full-time employees to reduce salary costs? Tell Plan My Shifts which employees are preferred over others and we will schedule accordingly.

Prioritising In some case, you might want to cancel shifts when you are understaffed. Plan My Shifts understand which shifts are more important than others and help you schedule them before less important ones.


AI in your software

Do you operate a salary system? Or a time registration software? We know how to put our AI in your system so you can offer your clients next-generation scheduling. Contact us at [email protected] to explore partnerships.

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