Machine Learning for Your Business

Datapult is a Machine Learning Consulting firm helping companies with +200 employees using AI in all aspects of their operations. We work with text processing, image recognition, churn analysis, search engines and much more. We specialise in putting AI research into commercial applications.

What is new in AI?

We write weekly news about artificial intelligence. We cover the latest news in business, research and ethics.


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Things we have built

We solve problems that are hard for humans but easy for computers. We are good at speaking in language everyone understands and hiding the complex computer science for people who are interested in it.


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You might have heard about us

We carry out more than 30 presentations and events every months. Topics vary from ethics, math, implementation, business opportunities, future workforce to latest research in AI. Here is our latest interviews to the media.


We solve tasks primarily in Python in Docker images. Sometimes we deploy containers on premise other times into clouds. We can also run R on Windows, use Spark or a cloud AI service with a simple HTTP request. With a deep understanding of the tools we tailor solutions to you. With our experience in developing, deploying and maintaining machine learning and AI across industries, infrastructures and use cases we will ship great services for you no matter the constraints.