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Cut your scheduling costs in half with AI

Automatically create schedules in compliance with employee contracts, labour union requirements and state regulation.

Keep shifts automated with Plan My Shifts

Do you plan your shifts manually hoping that nothing will change? Do you have a hard time estimating your labour cost due to over-time? Do you know that Plan My Shifts can solve these issues?

“We can now show our employees that their schedule is fair and accommodates everyone as much as possible”

Jacob Knobel, CEO, Datapult
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Did you know that most cases at labour courts are due to disagreements on how you schedule shifts? When only a few persons know how you schedule, how can you be sure it is the best schedule for your employees and your salary cost? See how Plan My Shifts solves these issues for you.

Chaos in your scheduling?

Manage your schedule from your phone

Do you want to plan your employees' shifts on the go? Do you want to do small changes to your schedule from your phone? With Plan My Shifts all this can be solved from your phone.

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What can Plan My Shifts help you do?

We bring your shifts and scheduling into smart software where it belongs. Plan My Shifts centralises all your information related to scheduling and makes sure you get the most of it.

Unlimited Schedules

While calculating the schedule takes a few minutes, you can make calculate another while waiting. How about making a few drafts and talk with your colleagues about them?

No Double-Entry

Have you done your fair share of typing back and forth into an Excel sheet or a salary system? We integrate into your systems so you can do smarter work.

In Case of Emergency

When an employee gets sick or extra work appears you can re-create a completely new schedule in minutes.

We ♥ Our Customers

We are so happy to help our customers that you can expect a fulfilling answer to your question in under an hour!

Next Generation

Typically, software has a lifecycle of 5-7 years. When is the last time you updated your scheduling software?

Predicting the Future

Since we make accurate schedules you can use them to see if you will be over-or understaffed 6 months from now.

Hear Everyone

Every employee can share their preference for working at certain times. Our system automatically takes it into account if possible.


When only a few know how you schedule, how can you be sure that you are compliant? With Plan My Shifts you will never break any employment contract or national law.

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