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Machine Learning Consulting for Businesses

Datapult is a Machine Learning Consulting firm helping companies with +200 employees using AI in all aspects of their operations. We work with text processing, image recognition, churn analysis, search engines and much more.


We specialise in putting AI research into commercial applications.

Problems we have solved with AI

We solve problems that are hard for humans but easy for computers. We are good at speaking in language everyone understands and hiding the complex computer science for people who are interested in it.

Satellite Images

Detect and count objects in satellite images automatically.

Want to think in AI?

We are launching the biggest video collection of AI cases in business in 2019. Sign up to Think AI with Datapult and will email you as soon as we launch. Until then you can check out this video.

Public Speaking

At Datapult we carry out presentations and events on AI every month. Topics vary from ethics, math, implementation, business opportunities, future workforce to latest research in AI. Contact Jacob Knobel at for more information.

Why Datapult is your AI Resource

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We build your machine learning technology

We help companies build, train and deploy machine learning systems to automate their business processes.

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Helping leaders and decision makers

Getting started with AI is hard. We dedicate time to help leaders understand and identify opportunities with AI.

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3 Principles of working with Datapult

Our principles come from traditional craftmanship, new technology and proven business acumen.

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How we deliver 10x ROI on your AI investment

We always aim to work on big tasks that will give you a ten-fold payback within few years.

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Why we do pro bono work at Datapult

Once a week, our employees do pro bono work by developing IT solutions to help a charity of their choice. We want to use the power of AI to give back to the community.

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AI Events, Public Speaking and Education

With dozens of highly-rated monthly workshops, events and seminars, we would love to bring the show to you.

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Got a project idea? Send us an email to get Data Science Consultants to look at it.