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MIT: AI analyzed 3.3 million scientific abstracts and discovered possible new materials10 months ago

Our take: A paper published in Nature documents how AI munched through 3.3 million scientific articles. It found a number of chemical compounds that demonstrate properties similar to those of thermoelectric materials but have not been studied as such before. The researchers believe this could be a new way to mine existing scientific literature for previously unconsidered correlations and accelerate the advancement of research in a field.

Yann LeCun: The AI technique that could imbue machines with the ability to reason10 months ago

Our take: Yann LeCun is the godfather of neural networks and he rightfully points out in this article that unsupervised learning with neural networks is still not that well-understood. We hope that when the godfather of neural network says so it can spark a wave of research to benefit us all.

Google: The AI That Could Help Curb Youth Suicide10 months ago

Our take: When a search engine can predict suicide it tells about what kind of data they are gathering on all of us. Massive ethical questions that arise: Who should be inform about a danger? How and when should they be informed and what if there is a mistakes? Given its history of doing harm we would not trust Google in any way to be involved with this task.

Axios: The global race between China and U.S. to set the rules for AI10 months ago

Our take: This article talks about how the international standards might be set by China or the USA. We think that this makes the debate very binary in terms of human rights which is unfortunate. Any political system can agree on certain things such as the safety of its citizens, education of its children, etc. What if those common human traits would be the starting point for global AI standards?

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