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Hackernoon: How Artificial Intelligence Hype Keeps Us Stuck in “The Good Old Days”2 years ago

Our take: This article sums up some of the problems in AI still remaining to be solved around bias with many good examples and a personal anecdote from the author a lady of color. We liked her mention of three initiatives around education to solve bias.

MIT: Is AI the next big climate-change threat? We haven’t a clue2 years ago

Our take: It seems that the question of whether or not AI is good or bad for the climate change is an increasingly heated issue. This article adds new knowledge to the discussion but we would add that neural networks are becoming are massive networks that have already been trained once so that others do not need train it again. Secondly, the cloud vendors (Google, Amazon, Microsoft) have set up their data center to be carbon neutral. Thirdly, when you look at the research that we are often covering it seems that neural network are getting faster, better and quicker to train leading to less environmental impact. This articles adds that it might help us with fighting climate change.

Berkley: Natural Adversarial Example2 years ago

Our take: Experts believe that computer vision is 'solved' but many mysteries still remain. Berkley University did a great job of systematically going through some these mysteries. You don't have to read the paper but you could take 5 minutes to go through the example images to see if you are better at understanding images than a computer.

WIRED: Seeing Through Silicon Valley’s Shameless ‘Disruption’2 years ago

Our take: The world is coming to a slow, painful realisation that Amazon, Google and Facebook are hurting its partners, employees and even democracy and capitalism. We started Datapult as a solution to this exact problem: How can we use the same technology as Amazon, Google and Facebook to prevent traditional companies from being disrupted and give value back to society in form of donations and pro bono work.

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