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Bloomberg: Alphabet’s DeepMind Takes On Billion-Dollar Debt as Loss Spirals2 years ago

Our take: Google is losing hundreds of millions of dollars every year on its AI research unit, DeepMind according this article. We think that the math is more complex because any of DeepMind's projects could become a lucrative business. What you should know about this article is that some experts are fundamentally challenging the techniques that DeepMind are using on one hand. On the other hand DeepMind was acquired for $250 million USD 10 years ago and have been estimated to add $25 billion USD to Google market cap giving a 100x ROI over 10 years. We believe that Google will remain dedicated to fund AI research in DeepMind.

Twitter: Hong Kong protesters avoid facial recognition cameras by confusing them with laser pointers2 years ago

Our take: This is just an awesome video in relation to the video above showing how even advanced facial recognition can be stopped by simple tools giving hope for everyone wanting to fight state-surveillance.

WIRED: Three Years of Misery Inside Google, the Happiest Company in Tech2 years ago

Our take: Google and much of Silicon Valley have been hailed as liberal companies with inclusive policies and leadership acting as role models. This article rights points out that there is a different narrative - hurting free news, avoiding confrontation with the White House, evading taxes - and the Google's employees no longer tolerate. We could add that authorities also seem to have lost their patience.

Quartz: What Hong Kong’s protests look like from inside China2 years ago

Our take: The Chinese government are making smart bets using AI in many obvious parts of their organisation but using AI to deal with political opposition like this can only lead to disaster as portrayed well in this video.

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