Some companies are curious to learn more about how we work. To facilitate that we have carried out training for hundreds of hours. You can see some of our most popular courses down below. If you are looking for a tailor-made course you can write [email protected].

Business & Leadership

Title Description Audience Duration Price
Business Models in AI In this course we review successful and unsuccessful attempts by companies to launch AI business models and brainstorm on how your company align your business model to AI. Innovation Departments 1 Hour 5.995,00 DKK
Cloud Computing for Managers We introduce cloud computing and how cloud is relevant for all departments not just IT. Special attention will be given to how cloud helps other departments accelerate AI initiatives. Decision Makers 2 Hours 9.990,00 DKK
Data Ethics Based on more than 100 talks, reviews and daily dealings with data ethics Jacob Knobel will go through countless of stories about ethics in AI as well as lay out solutions to how organisations can work with ethics in a legal and mathematical sound way. All 1 Hour 5.995,00 DKK
Future of Work Will AI replace human jobs or create more jobs? What are the skills needed in the future? How could companies organize themselves for this future? Thoughts by Jacob Knobel. All 1 Hour 5.995,00 DKK


Title Description Audience Duration Price
AI in the Cloud Are you running Python or R locally? In this lecture you will learn: 1 How to deploy your Python or R code to the cloud in optimal ways. 2 How to scale workloads to run faster on bigger jobs without using your computer. 3 What all the AI cloud services actually do and when/how to use them. We carry out this lecture in Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and/or Microsoft Azure. Analysts 2 Hour 9.995,00 DKK
Cutting Edge AI The field of AI is rapidly evolving. In this custom course we focus on whatever is cutting edge - at the moment it could be the latest language model, deep learning for audio or 3D Point Cloud Generation. Topic can be agreed upon. Data Scientists 1 Hour 8.499,00 DKK
GANs 101 While many data scientists have been quick to learn how to code neural networks that optimises supervised learning problems the knowledge, use case and implementation of GANs still lack. This course mitigates that. Data Scientists 2 Hour 9.995,00 DKK
Introduction to PyTorch PyTorch is one of the most popular frameworks for coding artificial intelligence. In this two hour course we will give you a running start to the syntax, problem solving and development environment so that you are off to a good start. Data Scientists 2 hours 9.990,00 DKK
Live Coding Code review or me coding on your problem. Live Coding and pair programming is a lot of fun and highly educational if both sides are prepared. In order to leverage our knowledge we ask that you share your code and problems at least a week before the session. Data Scientists 1 Hour 8.499,00 DKK
Reinforcement Learning 101 The speed of innovation and reduction of computing time in Reinforcement Learning has already produced feasible ways for companies to solve certain problems. In this course we review the code and data needed to get started. Data Scientists 2 Hours 8.995,00 DKK